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Wisdom Wednesday: Mustache Paradigm Experiment

I have a theory. That theory is based on the ability to change one’s paradigm without the direct knowledge of external contributors. Meaning, can a subject change one’s view of them without that person or persons noticing? It is my goal to prove that is totally possible.

Wisdom Wednesday: Racism, Mass Media and Social Control: A Sociological Perspective on Police Shootings

This is the first in a new series of recurring “Wisdom Wednesday” posts where I share my ongoing education in the field of psychology, as well as my experience using that knowledge in my everyday life and the perspective I gain from it. A full archive of these “where’s your head at” posts can be found on the Life Story Time section of this site. As always, if you like what you see, please be fair-let your voice be heard; comment and share!

In this post I share an academic essay from a Sociology 111 – Introduction to Sociology course I took when I was pursuing my first degree. This was among my first psychology related academic essays. I wrote it in 2016 during a time when I was reflecting on the outpouring of biased media from interracial police violence.

Self Control

There is a clear delineation between dwelling and reflection, introspection and torment, brooding and contemplation… It’s important to identify what is, and what is not under your control.

In Motion

The stage is set. It’s a bright and sunny day with just enough clouds. The sunlight strikes every statue, monument and building with the perfect highlights, mid-tones and shadows. A slight breeze every now and again moves the trees. It’s a sweater less October weekend in the DuPont district of Washington D.C. and everyone is taking advantage it. Couples and friends gather to make conversation and drink coffee on outdoor tables at sidewalk bistros. Loners stuff benches next to birds of a feather to read the news or people watch. Countless joggers, excited for the easy to breathe air, shuffle through the crowd of city goers. The occasional oversized and excited dog drags their owner across a tree-covered, one-way street. Passing cars with blaring horns; drivers always in a hurry. You can see an open air, topless, tour bus packed to the brim with smiling vacationers, followed by the sound of an ambulance or police siren.