My earliest memories were dreams of stardom-ROCKSTARDOM. To say my life revolves around music would be a gross understatement.

From marching band to church band, from show choir to competitive singing, from Guam’s premier rock/reggae band to being on stage with one of my most favorite metal bands, in this section, I will share the most.

I have been in nine bands or musical projects. I play two instruments and sing almost as much as I speak. I have been to more concerts than I can remember. I have met THE greatest rock Gods. I have played for a handful-I have played for thousands.

The same dreams I had as a child, I have to this day; each day brings them closer to fruition.

Here, I will share my personal experiences with music, and I will give honest reviews of concert venues, live bands’ performances, and old and new albums from bands in my favorite genres. You can find music blog posts here and the music media gallery here.