Who am I?


I am an artist and entertainer. I firmly believe what I do defines me.

I was born on a farm in East-Central Illinois, in a town of less than 5,000. After 18 years, I ended up in that same town with a graduating class of 56 people. Since the greatest year ever (1987), I have lived in nine states and territories and two countries, had eight jobs and attended nine schools. Largely due to the military, my unstable life has been one of my greatest blessings.

At 10 years old, my first job was cleaning kennels on the weekends at the veterinarian clinic in Winchester, Kentucky where mother worked. After moving back to Illinois in 1998, I started work on the family hog farm; I would continue to work there for the next five years. During that time I got my first “real” job paying taxes. At 13, I worked at McDonalds. Realizing working in the fast food industry was probably not having a good affect on my health, I gracefully ended my employment with ole Ronald. While still working on the hog farm, I met two of my best friends with whom I formed my first original alternative rock band. It was also with these two individuals I made a small, but healthy sum playing poker on the weekends. I finally left the family hog farm to work for another hog farm in Indiana, for a short time. I graduated high school a semester early. With no ambition to continue school, and for many other reasons, I decided to join the military.

After learning that I couldn’t be in the Navy at 6’6″ and 350 pounds, I found the most laborious job I could and decided to get fit. After six months of intense diet and exercise and working 40 hours a week in a factory building doors, I lost enough weight to join the Navy. I can accurately say my life (and body) truly started to take shape September 2006, at 18 years old, when I started basic training. Fitness has been a lifestyle and struggle since. Sweaty details will be divulged in the Fitness section of this site.

My 12 years in the United States Navy has been a hurricane of adventure, failure, excitement, success, loss, and education-to say the least. Dirty details shall be divulged in the Military section of this site.

Other than my two beautiful children and the rest of my family, I care about a few, but very impactful and important things in life: music, fitness, cars, tattoos, food, and of course, COFFEE!

I am currently a student of psychology at American Military University. The knowledge I gain there, as well as reflective posts of past life experiences can be found in the Life section of this site.

I am the frontman for a 90’s Rock and Roll cover band called ShineBox. We play shows all over the counties of San Diego, Orange and Riverside. The flat and sharp details regarding my obsession with music and entertainment can be found in the Music section of this site. I host bar trivia for Live Prize Trivia. I host karaoke and Pacific Beach’s Backyard Kitchen and Tap: Late-Nite Lip Sync for Gotham Nights, Inc.

I am a proud owner of a unicorn: B7 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T Avant. I am in the process of  (and always will be) making it “mine.” My affection for all things automotive will be divulged in the Cars section of this site.

The purpose of this site is to: #1 share life experiences with hopes of relating and collaborating with like-minded individuals around the world; #2 educate/share knowledge; #3 entertain!

I would love to hear what you have to say. Send me a note so we can talk more!


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